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LIEVT Logo Ideas

At the May, 2009 meeting the various LIEVT logo ideas were mentioned. Nate promised to get them up on a page where the members could see them and give some feedback. Sorry for the delay.

Logo #1
Nate stole this idea from another Mechanics group. He is shameless.

Logo #2
This logo was designed by a couple guys in the organization for use on hats and shirts.

Logo #3
The original logo was designed by a friend of Kit. Nate redid it Illustrator so we could have a clean copy of it. Also, the original island wasn't very accurate so Nate traced a map to get it to look more like the real thing. There are several versions of this. We currently use it on our letterhead.

Logo #4
A darker version.

Logo #5
A green version.

Logo #6
Based on an idea from one of our members. This is in Illustrator as well so we could modify this or use portions of it as needed.

Logo #7
An idea submitted by a former FRC employee when the website first launched.

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