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Meeting Report - Feb. 2022

  • Thursday, February 24 2022 @ 05:19 am PST
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Meeting Reports Minutes of the February 2022 General Meeting

This month's meeting was held at the Copiague Fire Headquarters on February 22.

The meeting was called to order by President Manetta at 20:05 hours with a salute to the flag followed by a moment of silence with 36 members present. Dinner was enjoyed by all.

Click read more here or below for the minutes, or click on the picture to see pictures from the meeting.

Nominations were held for the 2022 Executive Board and with little surprise at this time no changes have been nominated. We will reopen nominations and hold elections at the next meeting.

Once again a long discussion was held regarding the need for Departments to host meetings. It is difficult to schedule speakers without a verified location. This month's talk seemed to be somewhat fruitful with West Babylon agreeing to hold the May meeting on Wednesday the 10th, and a few other members stepped up and will check with their departments.

Our next common discussion was about training topics that the members are interested in. Barbara has been in contact with All Systems Brake Service and she will go back to them with our thoughts for some brake related classes. Brendan Degraff from RVI will speak to one of their distributors about a Coolant class, and Tarren mentioned hosting Waterway for a live pump testing class once the weather improves.

This month's speaker was Shawn Kelly from Darley Pumps. He provided the group with an informative and interesting power point presentation on pump maintenance and repair.

The meeting adjourned at 21:10 hours.

Minutes by Roy Ekelund