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Meeting Report - Apr. 2021

  • Wednesday, July 07 2021 @ 06:52 am PDT
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Meeting Reports LIEVT
Minutes of the April 2021 General Meeting

The meeting was held at West Babylon Fire Headquarters on April 29, it was called to order by President Manetta at 20:01 hours with 41 members present. Members were served dinner of pizza with all of the accompaniments by members of the Department.
An informative Class/Discussion was lead by Brian Cassell. Brian is the Northeast Regional Manager at Kussmaul Electronics in West Sayville and he spoke about the future of operating ambulances and fire apparatus on battery power when parked to reduce emissions and save on fuel. The topic seemed well received as some members have already been upgrading ambulances with the Kussmaul system.
The meeting adjourned at 21:30 hours.

Minutes by Roy Ekelund