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Meeting Report - Oct. 2019

  • Tuesday, November 19 2019 @ 08:50 am PST
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Meeting Reports LIEVT had the regular meeting at the Farmingville Fire Department on October 24, 2019. More than forty new and regular members enjoyed an excellent dinner and dessert. The president, John Manetta, opened the meeting with a pledge to the flag and a moment of silence for our departed members and our troops overseas. He asked Kit to read the minutes – she read the minutes from the Coram meeting of September 19 and the thank you letters she sent to Gary May, the technical trainer from Spartan Motors and the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Coram Fire e Department. The minutes were approved and accepted.

Click read more here or below for the minutes, or click on the picture to see pictures from the meeting.

The treasurer, Barbara Connolly, told the group about the serious condition of Artie Koenog’s son, Connor. He was extremely grateful for the contribution from our group. Barbara reminded everyone that we are always looking for fire departments to host our meetings. The certificates from the Spartan training class will be distributed as soon as they arrive. The class at Kussmaul is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, December 11. Members can sign up at this meeting. An email will go out with the sign up instructions. On November 20 there will be a daytime three hour diesel class at the Copiague Fire Department – there will be a $50.00 charge for each attendee. The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 21. We still don’t have the location – GM will talk about supplemental restraints. We are not ready to start the Danny Peluso scholarship program. Our annual elections will be at the November meeting.

The president introduced Howard Jaffe of Mitchel 1 who provided the follow up email below.

Thank you for letting me demo the Mitchell Prodemand. Prodemand is a website that has all the manufacturers repair manuals for all of the cars, vans, suvs and medium and heavy duty trucks. The car program starts at 1960 and goes up to 2020 And the truck program starts at 1990 and goes up to 2019. It has all the electrical diagrams, troubleshooting, engine codes, repair procedures etc. please download attachment . Thank you, Howard Mitchell rep

John Manetta introduced Liz Gondolfo of Coastal Fire. She talked about the necessity of proper clean up for hands and gear for fire fighters. They have a higher rate of cancer than the general public. She gave each attendee a bag containing samples of cleaners, a pocket knife with a clip and helpful literature.

The president presented Howard Jaffe and Liz Gondolfo with framed plaques to express the appreciation from the group. He then presented Adam Thomas, the Farmingville district mechanic with an LIEVT chef’s hat and a framed plaque for the Board of Fire Commissioners.

A raffle was held with shirts from Waterway, samples and a bottle from Coastal Fire, hats from Seagrave and a low profile LED Crestlight from Fire Research. Our web master, Nate Berry, described the light and every member had the opportunity to win the light.

The meeting was adjourned.