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Meeting Report - June, 2016

  • Monday, July 25 2016 @ 05:22 am PDT
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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of LIEVT was held at the Wantagh Fire Department on Thursday, June 30, 2016. An excellent barbeque was done by the members of Wantagh. Ferrara Fire Apparatus provided the provisions which included sliced steak, hamburgers, franks, sausages and salads. The attendees were made to feel welcome by the Commissioners and members of Wantagh. Ed The cooks were presented with our new embroidered Chefs’ hats.

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The president, Bill D’Allesandro opened the meeting. He led a pledge to the flag. The meeting started later than planned and he asked Kit to read the minutes of the last meeting at the next meeting. About fifty members were in attendance. He thanked Westbury for having a truck up on a lift last month and thanked Wantagh for tonight. The treasurer, Barbara Connolly, reported the balances to the members and announced that we have 130 members. She said we will not tolerate speakers or presenters harassing the members or trying to make dates to speak to our membership on their own.

Bill introduced Scott Detweiler of Ferrara Fire Apparatus. He spoke with a very detailed power point. He informed the members about the changes in NFPA 1901 and the requirements of 1911 including 2012 standards and 2016 standards. He discussed the new requirements for aerial apparatus and the requirements for tires (the numbers on a tire such as 4215 means the 42nd week of 2015 ) Braking tests must be performed with the apparatus fully loaded. If a seat belt is damaged, the apparatus must be out of service until it is repaired. Scott suggested members who want to see a boiler plate form should refer to section C of 1911.

The attendees enjoyed a birthday cake for Barbara Connelly from Waterway pump testing. There was only one raffle donation – the members and Will of FRC made Barbara the winner for her birthday. The president presented framed certificates to Scott Detweiler, Ed Sutch for Ferrara and the Board of Fire Commissioners of Wantagh.