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Meeting Report - Apr, 2015

  • Thursday, April 09 2015 @ 12:00 am PDT
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Meeting Reports The LIEVT meeting was held on Wednesday April 8, 2015 at the Brentwood Fire District Headquarters. About fifty members enjoyed an excellent dinner – the appetizers and salad were followed by a roast beef dinner with baked potatoes and vegetables served on real dishes with silverware and tablecloths followed by coffee and dessert.

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The president, Bill D’Alessandro, called the meeting to order. He led the pledge to the flag and asked for a minute of silence to remember our troops and our departed members. Kit read the minutes from the last meeting at Wantagh and also read the thank you letters she sent to the commissioners of Wantagh and to Jim Facile, Emergency and Rescue Sales Manager of Rosco Vision Systems.

The vice-president, Danny Peluso, reported that the Snap-On class will be in the daytime on May 18. He is in touch with Bart of Fire Research about their upcoming class.

Barbara Connelly, the treasurer, reported that she had LIEVT cards printed for the president, Bill D-Alessandro and the vice-president, Danny Peluso. The town of Brookhaven joined LIEVT as a member.

The president introduced Bev Lowery of H. O. Bostrom Company, Inc. They manufacture seats that are used in fire apparatus. A seat was displayed. As there are so many seats, accessories and Secureall Models for SCBA storage, there was an interactive conversation with our members who use these products. Bev brought interesting Velcro identification handle covers for luggage and pens.

Bill D’Allesandro presented framed certificates to Bev Lowery and District Mechanic Dave Higgins for the Commissioners of Brentwood. Unfortunately, we were not aware that a Brentwood Commissioner was present. A raffle was held – Hendrickson gave two American Express gift cards.