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Meeting Report - Apr. 2014

  • Wednesday, June 11 2014 @ 07:10 am PDT
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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of LIEVT was held at the Babylon Village FD on April 24, 2014 The president, Bill D’Allesandro, opened the meeting. He led a pledge to the flag and asked for a minute of silence to remember our deceased members and our military. He asked Kit to read the minutes of the last meeting - March 7 at West Hempstead. The minutes were accepted as read. Robert Kral of Babylon Village accepted the LIEVT chef’s hat.

Click Read More below for the minutes, or click on the picture to see pictures from the meeting.

The vice-president, Danny Peluso, introduced two guests from Akron Brass, Rich Singer, Vice-President of North American sales and Steve Dembrowski, District Manager. Danny thanked Phil from Chivvis for supplying the excellent dinner.

Danny talked about the successful training classes : we had training every month except July and August.

  • Wednesday, May 7, there will be a morning NAPA electrical training at the Centereach FD substation #3 Ridgeway in Centereach.
  • Tuesday, May 20, Frank Cherba will do a morning STEMCO class at the Bay Shore FD.
  • Tuesday, June 24, there will be a full day Atlantic Detroit Diesel training at the Wantagh FD.
Danny met with Steve Torin of Waterous Pump. In September he will bring all his equipment and a rollout pump system to Long Island. In October he plans to have brake classes from NAPA and classes at FRC (Fireresearch) in January. He might bring Hale Pump and Class One in for a class.

The next regular meeting will be held at the Bellport FD on Wednesday, June 25 Cutters Edge will make a presentation.

Danny has done F1, F2, and F4 tracks for the EVT tests

The election of officers was held. We had to cancel it earlier for inclement weather. The positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer are up.

There was a nomination from the floor for Danny Peluso to be President. Kit read the duties of the President from the Bylaws. She asked Danny if he would accept the nomination. He declined. There was a motion from the floor to have the present officers to be nominated. They accepted the nominations and the vote was unanimous. Bill D’Alessandro – President, Danny Peluso – Vice President and Barbara Connelly – Treasurer.

The treasurer, Barbara Connelly, distributed LIEVT sweatshirts to the members.

She also has LIEVT decals for the members’ fire apparatus. Barbara reported that she was contacted by groups from Pennsylvania and Delaware - they were interested in our association. They asked if they might be able to attend – Barbara sent them information.

Bill D’Alessandro presented a framed certificate to Junior Alvarez of Babylon Village FD. Coram Fire District on June 27, 2013. The President, Bill D’Alessandro, opened the meeting and asked Commissioner Tom Lyon to lead the pledge to the flag. Kit read the minutes from the Westbury Fire District meeting. Bill asked the attendees to make a motion to accept the minutes – the minutes were accepted. He commented on the attendance – fifty some members. He presented the LIEVT chefs’ hats to the Coram people. The treasurer, Barbara Connelly, reported that we have 106 paid members. If a company pays membership, that company can decide which member of their company can attend a meeting. Nassau Fire Apparatus and Brookhaven Fire District had won the trip to the Spartan Motors truck training conference. Nassau Fire Apparatus generously declined to allow another member to win. The winners who will attend the Spartan event at their plant in Michigan are from the Brookhaven FD and N & A - each will send one member to this maintenance overview and product support seminar. Barbara reported receiving a thank you for the fruit that was sent to Jack McLoughlin of FRC who had a knee replacement. The members were told about an invitation to attend the maintenance classes that will be given from Thursday, July 25 to Saturday at the FIREHOUSE EXPO in Baltimore. There is no charge to attend these events. Barbara has tickets if anyone would like to get them. To register for FREE exhibit hall admission and to attend the Mechanics clinic – enter Promo Code: MECHANICS when you register at Firehouse Expo.com. The members can see the classes that will be offered at the Firehouse Expo. Com website. The remaining certificates were distributed to the members who attended the Weldon and the ESOP training. The Vice-President, Danny Peluso, talked about the fall training. He will conduct a day of hands on training in September at the Brookhaven FD. They have the Bendix products that he will use to instruct the members in preparation for the ASE test. The members must be registered to sit for the ASE test. The Hale Pump class will be held in October and the members can take that EVT examination the next day. There will be a full day of pump training and one half day the next day for the pump test. Danny talked about the EVT tests – practice tests are available online - the members have to be registered to sit for the EVT test. In November, there will be a day of training at Fire Research/ ROM in Nesconset – Danny is looking into training for small engines and hydraulic generators. Paul Sailon, our former treasurer, reported a conversation with Dennis Lichtenstein, who was an outstanding trainer in the industry. Dennis complimented LIEVT as being a first class organization, A raffle was held with donations from Chivaas and Kit. The next meeting will be held in the fall. Commissioner Tom Lyon accepted a framed certificate from Bill D’Alessandro in appreciation from the organization.