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Meeting Report - Sept. 2012

  • Tuesday, September 25 2012 @ 01:52 pm PDT
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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of the LONG ISLAND EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIANS was held on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at the Setauket Fire Department. . An excellent dinner was served to the thirty some attendees. Our past president, Steve Velazquez, welcomed our members. The commissioners and officers were attending another meeting on the same evening as our group. Click 'read more' for the minutes, click the image for pictures from the meeting.

At 8 PM the meeting was opened by the President, Bill D’Alessandro, who led the pledge to the flag. He asked Kit to read the minutes of the meeting at West Hempstead on June 28 – the minutes were read and approved.

Bill D’Alessdro introduced Jim Johannessen of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). He covered the 2012 edition of NFPA 1911 which includes 1911, in service pumps from 2007, 1914 – aerials and 1915 old preventative maintenance standards – all three were combined. He also talked about performance maintenance testing 1901 – thee standard for automotive fire apparatus (2009)

Our vice-president, Danny Peluso, discussed record retention and volunteered to be available to the membership if they needed help. He also talked about EVT testing and volunteered to conduct classes if there are requests. He gave members some of his notes to study with. He hopes to arrange training classes for the membership.

Danny Peluso gave a report on the class at Kussmaul Electronics on July 31, 2012. He distributed certificates of completion to the attendees who were present. Kit reported receiving a thank you note from Philip of Kussmaul. Pictures taken at Kussmaul can be seen on the LIEVT website – www.lievt.org.

The treasurer, Barbara Connelly, asked the attendees to help her update her records. She opened a new bank account for LIEVT. Shirts were given to the paid members.

Kit discussed the revision of Article #6 of the LIEVT bylaws. She read the proposed change to Article #6 – Officers - it would read “The officers shall consist of President, Vice-President and Treasurer. The President shall be employed by or retired from a Long Island Fire Department or a Long Island Fire District with a responsibility for the maintenance of their emergency vehicles. They shall be elected at the annual November meeting and will take office on the following January 1. A majority vote cast shall be necessary to elect. Vacancies may be filled at a special election or appointed by the President” The vote in favor of the change was unanimous. Kit will give the officers a copy of the bylaws with the revision and will send copies to our accountant , Dan McGuire, and her daughter, Denise Hammond, who is an attorney.

Bill D’Alessandro presented framed certificates to Steve Velazquez representing the Setauket Board of Fire Commissioners, Danny Peluso and Jim Johannessen.

Bill presented plaques to the past officers – Steve Velazquez, Tom Probst and Paul Sailon. The president told the attendees to look for photos of the presentations on www.lievt.org as well as timely information.

A raffle was conducted:

  • two gift certificates from UL
  • shirts from Hendrickson
  • shirts from Waterway
  • bobble head dolls from Kit
The members were asked if a Nassau county department could host the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.