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Meeting Report - May, 2009

  • Tuesday, May 26 2009 @ 03:33 pm PDT
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Meeting Reports The regular meeting of the LONG ISLAND EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIANS was held on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at the Wantagh F D. Commissioner Craig Craft and ex-Chief John Loeber did an outstanding job in the kitchen – the food was excellent – their group certainly earned the LIEVT chefs’ hats they were presented with. About sixty members were in attendance.

At 8 PM the meeting was opened by the President, Steve Velazquez, who led the pledge to the flag. He had distributed the minutes of the March meeting – he asked the members to make a motion to accept the minutes – Jack McLoughlin made a motion – it was seconded by Paul Sailon – the minutes were accepted.

The treasurer, Paul Sailon, read his re[ort. To date, we have 56 paid members this year – we had a total of 116 in 2008. The unpaid members were reminded to send their checks. We have completed a timely filing with the IRS.

Steve introduced the webmaster, Nate Berry, of FRC. He discussed the website. There was a discussion of shirts for the members. He has two possible decals – they will be displayed on the website with instructions on how to vote. Shirts will be made up with the most popular logo. Members were told to watch the website for dates for EVT preparation and testing. Steve asked for a Nassau host department for the September meeting. Watch the website for a meeting in Centereach in June.

We are still looking for the attendees at the Weldon class in 2008 to get certificates to them. Frank Cherba, our Bay Shore host in March, had a fire in his home. Passes were available for New York State Fire Chiefs and Firehouse exhibits.

Steve introduced Peter Giunchini, Director of Automotive Services, North Bergen, N J Twp. Dept of Public Safety and North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue and Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management and his Senior Diesel Mechanic, Frank Baer. They had brought a trailer mounted with a Complete 1500 gpm Fire Pump that the attendees could actually the guts of the working pump. They had a gear box display and assorted valves. Their presentation was riveting and their handouts were invaluable.

Plaques were presented to Peter Giunchini, Frank Baer, The Board of Fire Commissioners and Joe Daniele of the Wantagh Fire Depatment.

An raffle was held with tickets for the L I Ducks from Rescue Vehicles, hats from Fire Research and shirts from Waterway Hose Testing.

The group was reminded to check http://www.lievt.org for the latest association information. Information can be on the website instantly – we do not do a mailing until every last bit of information is correct (postage was raised to .44 – PLEASE SUPPLY US WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS IF WE DON’T HAVE ONE FOR YOU.