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Meeting Report - Nov. 2019

  • Thursday, January 23 2020 @ 10:49 am PST
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Meeting Reports LIEVT had the last regular meeting of the year at the Center Moriches Fire Department on November 21, 2019. The well attended meeting was arranged by the late Danny Peluso’s brother-in-law. The facility and the dinner were excellent. The group seemed to enjoy the LIEVT chefs’ hats they were given.

Click read more here or below for the minutes, or click on the picture to see pictures from the meeting.

The president, John Manetta, opened the meeting with a pledge to the flag and a moment of silence for our departed members and our troops overseas. He asked Kit to read the minutes – she read the minutes from the Farmingville FD meeting of October 24 and the thank you letters she sent to Howard Jaffe of Mitchel 1 and the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Farmingville FD. The minutes were approved and accepted.

The treasurer, Barbara Connolly, reported to the group that our organization has 139 paid members and a healthy treasury.

She told the group about the condition of Artie Koenog’s son, Connor. His pneumonia had cleared up and he was transferred to St. Johnsland in Kings Park. Barbara reminded everyone that we are always looking for fire departments to host our meetings. She asked the group to let her know which topics they would like discussed at future meetings. Brian Farrell is working on our Danny Peluso scholarship fund.

We had the election of officers – Ray from Holbrook made a motion to nominate the same officers. The show of hands was unanimous in favor of retaining the same slate. They were duly elected. The president introduced Christopher Peace, Technical Training Instructor of General Motors. He made an excellent, detailed presentation on supplemental restraints and told the members where they could get any additional information they would need.

The members each received an LIEVT travel mug.

A raffle was held with donations from Waterway and many goodies from Eagle Chevrolet. The officers presented framed certificates of appreciation to Christopher Peace and the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Center Moriches FD. The last meeting of the decade was adjourned.